Occupational Safety and Health Review

Prioritise your next step with the Health and Safety Review.

This unique service is ideal for all organisations, regardless of size or sector, that require an assessment of the current effectiveness of their management of safety and health. The review uses a snapshot in time as a basis from which to formulate a prioritised action plan, comprising recommendations and a route map, to help you move forwards.

This is a flexible service that can focus on any health and safety topic area, depending on your organisational objectives or on the recommendations and experiences of ConsultSafe who will be happy to advise. The review can, for example, incorporate:

  • An assessment of current policies and procedures
  • An assessment of the effectiveness of the current safety management system
  • An overview of any areas which do not comply with legal requirements
  • In-depth analysis of specific areas of risk
  • Training needs analysis
  • Recommendations and an action plan prioritising next steps.

There is no set delivery timeframe as this service is entirely driven by the needs of the client. 

Contact us to enquire about a review of your organisations OSH