Risk Assessments

We can help you meet your legal duty to carry out 'suitable and sufficient' health and safety risk assessments. Whether you'd like assistance with the key risk assessment, spotting hazards, or want suitable RAMS  assessment, we can help.

Property Based Risk Assessments - Commercial or residential property can be one of the most complex assessments to undertake as they are not covered by one piece of legislation and every lease and therefore requirement will be different. 

ConsultSafe Ltd specialise in Property Assessments and our lead consultant has over 20 year experience and expertise in this area. ConsultSafe Ltd can taylor a programme of assessments to fit your needs.

Fire Risk Assessments - Either foundation assessment or if you have a complex high risk environment we have an approach designed by our partner A C Fire Ltd, an experienced senior fire safety professional.

Fire Risk Assessment service has been designed with the advice of a senior fire professional specifically to help you comply, whilst also prioritising areas for future attention.

Using a numeric rating scale and 'traffic light system' combined with qualitative review, the consultant will be able to make clear, even to busy management, the significance of any risks found. During consultation with the client, an initial action plan can also be developed to facilitate change if needed.

Workplace Transport - A tailored review, applying risk assessment and HSG65 principles.

On-site transport remains the second biggest cause of accidents in the workplace. Careful consideration of ways in which to segregate pedestrians from vehicles throughout the workplace is the key to reducing accidents.

Our on-site workplace transport review is an independent review of vehicle movement and operations across a site. It is based upon the three areas as suggested in HSG 136: safe person, safe vehicle and safe site.

Display Screen Equipment - Identify any issues and implement controls.

There are specific legislative and best practice requirements for the use of display screen equipment such as computers and their configuration and use, and Consultsafe Ltd can assist organisations to comply with these requirements and thereby protect their staff from adverse health effects.

The assistance that can be provided ranges from an audit of computer workstations, development of suitable policies and procedures, to assessment of individual workstations and the training of computer users in correct working methods and posture.

Lone Working - Help identifying, avoiding or controlling risks.

Employers are legally required to ensure that they have appropriate arrangements in place to help lone workers identify, avoid or control the risks. ConsultSafe Ltd can assist by carrying out a comprehensive audit of the procedural arrangements for the management of lone working against current best practice and the degree to which these standards are achieved in practice.

Hazard Spotting - The foundation of successful risk assessments.

Risk assessments are the foundation of managing health and safety, and identifying hazards is the first step towards completing 'suitable and sufficient' risk assessments.

ConsultSafe Ltd's hazard spotting service is designed to get you on the right track:

  • An experienced and fully qualified consultant will visit your premises
  • They will work with you to conduct a thorough assessment of workplace safety hazards
  • This will include identifying priorities, discussing controls and advising on reporting mechanisms
  • This service therefore provides essential ground work to assist you in with your risk assessments.

Other Assessments available - Contact us to enquire about any Assessments you need to be undertaken.